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5 Amazing New Technologies

A small pocketable but highly effective printer Print media drying and sweetening conspiracy 'A clothes washing machine without AC or electricity will be in the village Let us tell you about five new technological products that will turn heads Paintbrush XDR printer is usually a device that is not 1080, but quite a large device. 

I understand, but Princess Diana Prince can change all kinds of things. You can easily cut the MT pocket in your bag and it's almost like a smartphone, but the biggest advantage is that it can be printed on anything, paper, cloth, plastic, cards, etc. It can be easily printed with a printer and can be printed on a balloon.

By connecting the smartphone to the tablet or laptop, 

the desired text will be shown very easily. The design work can be done. The technology works, but the printer has a problem its ink gets erased when it comes in contact with water, but if you want, you can varnish your print and make it permanent. can be done and can be printed approximately five thousand times with one card free. You can use it in just a few minutes without any effort.

Just hang it on the hanger and press the start button. 

This T-shirt T-shirt browser is capable of ironing many types of clothes, including bed sheets. Twelve clothes can be hung at the same time on the device and automatically one after other clothes will come out ironed and each clothes will be ironed. The device has only three minutes and the device can be controlled and monitored with the help of a smartphone app. If necessary, the use of pressing flour has increased. Hey, the American company Gun has come up with a revolutionary solution to this problem with this small device.

It is possible to attach to the girl through the flowchart and this device will automatically stick to her in a way that is not only parallel but not high or low. Both the labor and the speed pump may not seem different from other speed bumps used on the road at first sight, but the exception is that life can be kept organized and released when needed. 11 kg and easy to carry. If you need to close it, you have the option of installing a reflective light with the HP pump.

New washing machines are coming to the market to wash rural clothes, 

but the machine specialty of rural Americans is that it does not need electricity to clean clothes. A company named Eurago in Canada has made this washing machine which can clean clothes with very little effort. It can be cleaned with a relatively small amount of only 9 liters of water for washing clothes. Close the lid of the washing machine with water and detergent and press on the pavement.