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Google will be a big secure platform.

By using this platform, you can earn money sitting at home without investment. I will not say this. Will you earn 20,000 25000 a day from the first day itself, but earning 15 to 20000 rupees a month will be very simple. By using the efforts of Google, today someone will tell you some plans of Google itself, by using which you will be able to earn money sitting at your home without investment and in some, you can earn money by simply using your mobile phone. 

In total, I will tell you four Google earning platforms which come from Google itself, and from mother, you will be able to earn very good money by definition. 

You choose all these methods once. 

What are the things within the required ringing from that method, then you start working on whatever platform you feel is the batter.

And do not think that the first plant, I sit there because many people earn a lot of money from the second or third plant, then listen once. After watching this video, you can do whatever you want to use, which will be the first Google learning platform. 

Baat Will Be Google Ask Mat This is an online platform on which Google provides you some passes and when you complete that pass, Google gives you money directly which will go to your bank account. Now this task can be very simple too. Like you have to go out and take a photo of a tree. 

Taking a photo of a store can also be a photo of a shop and it can also be a survey task. Where you get money inside Indian currency for giving some reviews or doing surveys sitting at home and doing this thing. 

Now the application of Google Task Mate is available for Android only. 

You will not get it in iOS, so if you have an Android device then you can download this app on it and by completing the task you can earn and now you will be able to put that money directly in the background. After this, the net warning phone, data from Google, Google Adsense, and using this plant, I personally earn lakhs of rupees every month.

I earn the key, those who do not know and let me tell you that Google is the most common platform, using which you must have seen people monetizing their websites. On top of different sites, Google provides you more in today's banners and a maximum that eight only. You can also start earning by monetizing your website or content. 

To do all these things like Google Art, basically, you need to have a website and you have to post content on that website. Once you have typed the articles you want to write, your content will be placed on top of your website, then you can monetize your website. Google Adsense and as soon as it receives your site, it will see your art. 

If you click, from there you will start generating revenue, 

which will come directly to your five pounds, and more traffic will come. The more money you can earn on your site. From Google Art and I personally almost earned money from Google Arts for the last five years from the last six years and all my expenses, he will take out the expenses of this profit sitting at home. 

If you have no idea how to create a website, how to post articles, and how you can monetize. I have already made a dedicated video on this, but I started explaining you. 

How all these things work, how that money will say anything in your background, then you can definitely account for it in the description box. After this, the networking platform that will remain will also be Google Business, this is also Google's plant, and by using this plant

You can earn without investment. 

Now Google Business is basically. Are they all the shopkeepers or whoever has the stores? From business when they want to list their business. Above Google so that whenever the users like us, they will search. 

If there is a sweet shop near me or is a grocery store or which is a restaurant, then there their business lists and automatically you go there and increase their sales so that they can earn more money. Chances are that the business listing work that is currently being done, it requires a little technical which an average Indian can do. 

For the growing shopkeepers who work for their shop for a long time, they do not have an idea about this thing, so for this, they hire people who can help in bringing more lines to their business so that their business is above Google. Come and get as many sales as you can. Now you can limit them in doing this thing. You can learn on YouTube Go by watching a very simple video. 

Like, such as creating a business profile on Google and how you can do it in Asia. You can take the knowledge and gradually you can take money to list the business sales. From your local store people and gradually you are your own work. More than this, hundreds of people have formed agencies to do this work. He gives salaries to many people. only more

To bring people's business sales from Google and you can do this work a lot. 

How do I get the best doorbell window for me? Provide his billing description box. Getting up from you, if you understand this work, but let me tell you one thing if you do not have any experience with it, then start slowly. 

Visually you will get the experience with time and you can earn very good money from here too. If your work goes well, then you can start an agency by going to the future. With this, we do the work and after that, it is the next turning platform. 

Data from Google on which you are watching this video on YouTube, you can earn by using this platform and this platform also comes from Google itself. Now to earn from YouTube, you just have to choose a topic on which you can make videos. 

You have to make a video on the content and post it on YouTube. As soon as your channel gets a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of sentences, then you can start earning money by validating your videos. 

Here you would have got a dollar or one and a half dollars around even a thousand, then the more views you know, the more money you can earn. Today I have 5 lakh subscribers on my channel, but I also started with a 92 zero. That and even in today's time I am much better than here

Not much money, but still I withdraw 40 ₹ 50,000. 

By using the same plots every month, then you should also have the support of this, just you should have an idea and you have to make related content of that idea. If you want a detailed video within the format of the video, then why entrust multiple videos on my channel, but how can I grow from here? 

How can I earn more money? On which topic allotment was put? If you will get all this on my channel, then subscribe to take and you can think by visiting my channel. You will find all the videos here on YouTube. With this, we are not picker-related simple anything. 

You have to work hard. If I told you, man, these are those few plants, which methods can be used by which you can earn money from Google's limit and all these plants are from Google's side, then you can post guidelines. You will get the results in January and whatever money you earn will also directly come to your bank account. If you have income, you will be better than you.