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I tell you what is going to happen, I also put ₹ 10 turns of 10 Thousand yesterday, this 42 lakhs got fed up on all of them. 

Dude little kite ahead, Sonbhadra, I don't know how many videos have been made and whatever special people understand why, but even today so many innocent people think that how a father is you in your mobile phone with five kumaras? 

Those people who become or are the owners of thousands of lakhs, what a joke. Meaning people who come to any company for some money, for some money, or some for their benefit. She is sitting in such a random zigzag to rob no authorized jewelry. It will become a complete promotion in the market. A full video will be made. of screen recording Tantriks or Prof. 

Why this he lost why this is the only way? 

When the meaning of earning money in life fell down, this is a complete message to our youth who are degrading, it does not mean that you can earn money sitting at home. Earn a thousand daily sitting at home, two thousand 305 religions Pandav means man, maybe such things don't work. Please Get Rate Adjust Much Like This There are fifty more ways. There are no different lines of genuine ways to earn money online. You do some work in your district like this. 

Whatever you are, if you make beauty videos, without taking a double in Navrang, you are not even using minimum, you put money in you and not I invested ₹ 20 and I also saw what was there. They are ready developers, which is crazy, means big, should we go and why don't you write this on the play store and then write this mistake, which violates the policy of Google. Google banned you and the Play Store meant that in our phone, in the past 101520, the government made the culvert, and then it went on like this automatically. 

Baji hey straight band and brother's money will come directly from UPI. Well taken Pallab who is my people committee people. The rest of the request is the same request that pleases if we do not do such a thing. If we are such a no-air passenger, you who are completely fake, who lets you make yourself a school body from the front? The rope has to be planted, what to protect this record, or now you were going to Georgetown Downtown? 

if she wins then what

Means have written and who stopped writing and all of you are viewers. Please do not believe in anything at all that if you say that if someone sitting at home can earn 5 lakhs, two thousand and five lakhs, then sitting at home. In new marriages, playing games on mobile phones, of course, people get wallets and yes home in two different ways, but not in such a way that they just put the game. Many applications have been put to do anything. 

All you have to do here is pay the money spent from the game and farewell good farewell, your really different kind of portrait, murder, look at my car, see this or Mercedes BMW, how did this new bike come to a new home. From whom did this tire take the iPhone? You also took all this from this, this whole bridge does not happen while spreading false and bad publicity. Secondly, nothing like this happens either please focus and other night if you are studying in light. 

If you are doing some job and want to do something, then please focus on it. With such distraction from such things, please don't all your people think that I save with shortcuts. Those with money sitting at home do not have an atmosphere. Please or I have not done such a thing for you till today. Never give up on this peak. But then you know, your hard-earned money has been earned. 

Even for ₹ 10, that is the very wrong thing, and what they do is greed. Putting Rs 10 in front of us, he will show you. Replaced 24, as if the issue here, Sourav did not go to the year 2 thousand. 

May have happened and then if now

If you come under the fall, you will put two more people separately in the process of recovering the loss and what will happen to the father. Your thousand rupees will be drowned there. Silsila inside that and what will you do later, sit down, root and go, then this kind of world is going on so please don't you ask when your thoughts are for us and this video of six brothers for this jungle priest would have been nice and if If you like tech, then you should listen to this much aware that these things do not work like this. 

What do we do? Some people seem to hurt in such a way that if there is something called ethics they are not able to survive. To earn more things, I did not tell you that now it will be less. How but it was definitely told. How can you save money from your mess? Money saves money and so technically if I don't buy medicines, I will save money, hope Gudiya has liked it.