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Friends, Technology is a sector that is progressing day to day. 

Now whether it is mechanical technology like robotic technology or electronic technology like food technology or medical technology like MRI. With this, some such technology is coming in this coming time which will completely imprison human life. 

These technologies have made so much DB effect on human life that today human being is incomplete without this technology. The guide even uses this technology from waking up in the morning to going to sleep in the evening. While some technology has made human life easier, some technologies have had a very bad effect on human life, but still, it cannot be denied that the picture of the country and the world is changing due to technology.

Perhaps that is why in this post I will tell you about Technology Trade 2012, after which there can be a big change in human life, so let's talk. This post has already started about the new top five technology in 2022.

Kai Lai Phi means Light Fidelity. This is a technology by which we transfer data information through light. With this technology, like Wi-Fi, data is transferred wirelessly. Just like with Wi-Fi, we can move from one system to another.

The video transfer of data systematically. 

In the same way, with Live Key technology, we transfer data through Lite. The Guide Li-Fi technology consists of an LED bulb. When this bulb is turned on, data information is transferred from the light emanating from it and the Internet can also be run from it. Diet Artificial Intelligence is made up of two words. 

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Men, 

Non-Natural and Intelligence, Civil Ability, To Understand Thrills, Add Land Cash. That's why we can say that artificial intelligence is such a technology, with the help of which we can make any robot work exactly like a human. So now it is very important to understand from here what is a robot, everything that is made up of mechanical confidence and which is controlled by electronic signals. 

We call it a robot and this technology is nothing else. There is a storage of some data information in which once the data is fed, that robot automatically takes its decision and if there is a problem with these processes, then take its own decision for its solution. 

Blockchain technology (sometimes referred to as DLB or Distributed Village Technology) allows the history of any digital asset to couple trouble ad transparent through descent resolution and cryptographic hacking. This basic blockchain technology is used for the transfer of digital currency i.e. cryptocurrency. Now it is important to understand from here what is digital currency, a gas currency that we can see with our eyes.

But physically you cannot touch it. It is called digital currency. Gas Blockchain technology can never be hacked because the system that is used in this technology working process, in which many, many thousands of millions of computers are connected to each other. gas Now if someone, then he will have to hack all these computers which are not possible. 

Due to this technology is also quite safe. Price blockchain technology can also be defined ironically. A technology that tablets, bitcoin, and any cryptocurrency to transfer from mantra to disrespect personal guide In this the record of all the data of the transaction is also stored in all the computers. Once a transaction is made, this record cannot be deleted. 

In gas blockchain technology, all data is encrypted. Before understanding the guide DNA data storage, we need to understand what is in degrees. DNA means such a guide to the B oxy bone. Through DNA we transfer our genetic properties from one generation to another. 

Now here we should also know what are genetic properties. Within the genetic properties, all these properties come from the color including the age height of a person or any animal, so now it is decided from here that DNA has such a capacity that it stores this data information light size. So our scientists took this as the base and developed such a technology, which we know as the DNA data storage guide. DNA data storage

With technology, 

we can store any type of digital data such as photos, posts, and PDF files in DNA. You will hardly believe it after hearing this, but it has become possible. Today, we keep the data at one time by storing the data in the DC of the pen drive hard disk SD card, but this will not happen in the coming few years. 

We can also store the data in our DNA and we can save the data stored in this DNA for thousands of years. guide. The DNA used in DNA data storage technology is called synthetic DNA. Times Internet of Things (IoT) is a system in which many electronic devices are connected to each other through the Internet and these devices are communicated among themselves. 

This electronic device can be anything like this smart TV. Guide to this Smart Cities Now we have come to know what is IoT, and what is its definition, but if you do not know the meaning of IoT, then let us know the guide to IoT. It is made up of two words First Internet and Seconds Things which means store of things and these things are nothing but electronic devices. 

These electronic devices communicate with each other by connecting to the Internet. Guide Once these devices are connected to each other, then whatever decision they take automatically, they need a human for that decision, then many more. Today we learned about News Top Five Technology in 2022. Who?

What new technologies are being developed and what are their features? 

If only. We hope that now you have liked our post News Top Five Technology in 2022 and the information related to it. Guide We hope that the information given by us will prove useful to you and guide