Top 6: Latest technology to make your “smart home”

We share six innovations to achieve a smart home. Luxury and comfort at your fingertips. Discover them!

It is not known what was the exact moment when digitalization for every aspect of daily life began to be science —not— fiction; The truth is that technology and computing power are coming ever closer to playing an indispensable role in the lives of many people . From statistical systems to create consumer profiles to musical composers with artificial intelligence, technological advances have made their triumphal entry in a multitude of facets, as varied as the needs of their clients , without losing sight of the already fashionable technology to create “ smart houses".

One of the borders still halfway across is domestic life. Thanks to the growing field of home automation —specialty dedicated to the creation of "intelligent homes" and the "internet of things"— , it is increasingly possible to find more devices that improve or simply make daily routine more bearable. For the rest, the articles are considered in most cases as the top of the range in accessibility, luxury and comfort within reach. At Forbes Life, we share with you six leading innovations in home automation. 

Samsung robotic butlers

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show—annual technology expo event—and still in development, the Bot Handy and Bot Care make a star-studded team for life at home. Care, of smaller stature, will be responsible for gradually learning the routine patterns of the inhabitants in a certain space, in order to be able to offer assistance to their needs even before they are requested. Handy —who, as his name says, has two hands— will take care of the manual tasks ; he has shown to be able to move objects from one place to another without breaking them, prepare a dishwasher and clean up. 


If you thought that high technology and nature could not be combined, the Yardroid will turn heads just as it does with the weeds in your garden . Looking like a miniature tank, the features of this state-of -the-art gadget include watering plants, trimming grass, spreading fertilizer and uprooting invasive species before they can do any damage . Thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm guiding each of your routes, the Yardroid will know exactly where to work next.

FamilyHub Refrigerator

Another of Samsung's products, this time in terms of white goods . For the FamilyHub, the competitive advantages go beyond the storage and preservation of food —which is already of excellent quality and customizable— , with a set of functions as varied as innovative on the screen that the article makes available to households. Plan recipes based on the products that are in the home; program schedule, weather and news to listen to them every morning or control the temperature of the thermostat are just some of the particularities of this refrigerator. 


This furry robot breaks the stereotypes of the cold, square and hard automaton . This cute pet is inspired by sounds and behaviors of real animals, being able to identify the emotions of its owners to show an appropriate response . In addition, depending on how Moflin is treated, it will develop a personality to adapt perfectly to the tastes and preferences of each person, making it the ideal pet for those who do not have the possibility of taking care of dogs or cats .

Vacuum cleaner v15 detect

Vacuuming any area of ​​our home is essential to ensure good hygiene and healthy coexistence of our family , remember, vacuuming not only applies to carpets or long rugs , but also to floors such as: laminate, hardwood or mosaic.

The main reason, to remove the presence of mites and dust . This smart vacuum cleaner works through a rechargeable battery, making the design allude to a “robotic arm”, which when you hold it will seem like an extension of your arm.

This wireless device is capable of detecting and classifying the collected particles. You can view the count of how many "Microns" were vacuumed: allergens, microscopic dust, dust mites and sugar.